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Project management

4 April 2024


Learn the key IT service management (ITSM) strategies and tools that will help your company effectively manage IT services and improve... read more

14 November 2023


Piotr Gumkowski

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How to use the Event Storming method when designing an application Find out what steps to take and how it works in... read more

29 June 2023


Compare project development models - Kanban and Scrum Find out which approach fits your company better and what are the advantages and... read more

3 March 2022


Marcin Grochulski

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The IT sector is at high risk of burnout due to a high volume of tasks Mind Mapping is one of the ways to manage your working... read more

28 July 2021


Piotr Gumkowski

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Project Manager is an essential element of every team in the IT environment They are responsible for contact with clients, they take care... read more

18 July 2018


Filip Sadowski

Have you ever wondered how to refuse in a professional way without offending the client, at the same time keeping the project’s... read more