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20 May 2024


Find out the hourly rates for programmers in Poland in 2024 We analyze earnings for various positions, from Junior to... read more

19 December 2023


What is involved for a programmer working on a B2B contract, and with which on a contract of employment Check out our article to find... read more

8 May 2023


The gaming industry is growing steadily, year by year, both globally and in Poland, causing an increasing demand for game dev specialists... read more

15 December 2021


Aleksandra Wiśniewska

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IT is one of the most profitable sectors, employing hundreds of thousands of people in Poland, yet there is a constant shortage of... read more

10 November 2021


Aleksandra Skibińska

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JavaScript developer programs web applications Uses conditional statements, loops, or variables Learn more Learn... read more

31 August 2021


Aleksandra Wiśniewska

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Java developer creates web, mobile and desktop applications They debug, test, and compile launching services to meet customer expectations... read more

12 November 2020


Justyna Pawliczak

The work of the Talent Acquisition team is particularly important in relation to the company's development strategy At Edge One Solutions... read more