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The demand for GameDev specialists is growing

The gaming industry is growing steadily, year by year, both globally and in Poland, causing an increasing demand for game dev specialists. Our client portfolio has recently expanded to include the gaming industry.

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Poland is experiencing as much as 73% revenue growth in the gaming sector, according to “The Game Industry of Poland 2021” report. That is related to the time of the pandemic, in which young people were limited in their ability to spend time actively.

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What are the most crucial programming languages in game development?

Data provided by Kodilla shows as much as a 250% increase in the number of job offers in the Game Dev sector in Q1 2022. Let’s take a look at which specialists are most in demand.
Research conducted by No Fluff Jobs shows that 8.1% of job offers posted on this portal include knowledge of JavaScript and TypeScript. Android Developers, or specialists who know programming languages such as Java, Swift, C# and C++, are also very valuable to the gaming industry. In the Polish market, there is an increase in demand for programmers with VR or AR expertise.
Note that for the above-mentioned positions, experience in the development of engines such as Unity and Unreal, among others, is also expected.

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