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Manual Tester

We will supply your team with competent manual testers, with experience in manual application testing and creating professional technical documentation.

Why does your project need the competency of Manual Testers?

It allows testers to customize test cases and testing approaches as they are executed, making it more flexible than automated testing. They can make changes based on what they observe during the testing process, which can lead to more accurate results.
Exploratory testing
Ideal for exploratory testing, where testers can look for potential problems by exploring the application in a relaxed manner. This allows for more creative and in-depth testing that can uncover unexpected problems.
Cost effectiveness
It can be more cost-effective than automated testing for smaller projects because it does not require upfront investment in automation tools and resources.
Human intuition
Manual testers are more creative in their approach to testing, exploring different scenarios and edge cases to find potential problems.

Meet our Manual Testers at Edge1s

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Specialist with several years of experience in manual testing. She is skilled in manual testing, Jira, Xray, Oracle, Cypress.
Manual Tests

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