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Project Manager

Experienced Project Managers will oversee all stages of the project, manage the team and tasks.

The Project Manager is responsible for the entire project life cycle. His competencies also include risk, change and budget management.
Often in such projects the PM uses a sequential model of work - "waterfall".
The Project Manager is the link between the client and the team.

Why does your project need Project Manager competencies?

Monitoring of work
Constant contact between the team and the client and communication of current project status.
The Project Manager ensures that the project work proceeds in a successful manner.
Deliver the finished product taking into account the client's planned time and budget.
Putting the responsibility of project management in the hands of professionals, will help you gain a competitive edge and improve your product.

Certifications of Our Project Managers

Meet our Project Managers

Scrum Master
Scrum Master with a positive approach to people and processes. He has experience as a Product Owner and Project Manager.
Project Managment
Scrum Master
An enthusiast of agile software development with experience as a Project Manager and Scrum Master. In teamwork, focused on building positive relationships, open to the other person, always there to help.
Project Managment
Scrum Master
Qualified Scrum Muster with years of experience as a Project Manager and Scrum Master. He applies his knowledge, skills on a daily basis in his work with the development team. He demonstrates a proactive, open-minded attitude at work.

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