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Job description and technologies

  • Java
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Maven

Join #Edge1team and work with us on its steady growth, based on our values. 

As a Java Developer at Edge1S, you can work on projects for leaders from many industries such as E-commerce, Banking, Technology, IT, Healthcare, Insurance. 

You program in Java 8+ versions on daily basis, but there is also a possibility to work with Kotlin or in Cloud Solutions. 

In most of them, you will find microservice architecture and technologies such as Spring Framework, Hibernate, Maven, Kafka, Docker … 

You will be responsible for the application development or even for the entire product. It also means keeping it always running smoothly and efficiently. And if there is a bug that escapes the automated tests, it will have to be fixed. 

We run projects in an Agile way. Besides work, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge on Edge1Talks or conduct recruitment interviews.  

We are not a Corp; therefore, every employee’s voice is important for us. 


Candidates hired for this position have mostly at least 2 years of commercial experience with Java. 


  • Experience with using the framework: Spring (Spring MVC / Spring Data / Spring Security / Spring Boot) Knowledge of Hibernate / JPA 
  • Knowledge of Junit, Mockito, Spock, or other test tools 
  • Experience with CI & CD (TeamCity, Maven, GIT) 
  • Knowledge of microservice architecture, asynchronous communication (Kafka, RabbitMQ) 

Interesting facts

The origins of Java date back to 1991. Created by the company Sun, the initial name was Oak, from the tree that grows in front of the company’s headquarters 


Java is the main technology in our clientsprojects, which is why 41% of all our IT professionals are Java Developers. 

Who asks, never wanders.

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