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QA Engineer

Our QA Engineers will share their experience in designing and developing frameworks and tools for test automation.

We will verify the operation of the system and complement manual testers, with the competence of automatic testers.

Why does your project need the competence of a QA Engineer?

Improved team productivity
Automated testing frees up testers to focus on more complex and exploratory testing tasks, improving team productivity.
Earlier detection of defects
Automated testing can detect defects early in the development process, which can help reduce the cost and time needed for bug fixing.
Improved test coverage
Automated testing can cover a larger number of test cases, including those that are difficult or time-consuming to perform manually.
Increased speed and efficiency:
Automated testing can run much faster and more efficiently than manual testing, allowing for more tests to be performed in less time.

Meet our QA Engineers

Test Automotion Engineer
Test Automotion Engineer with solid skills in test automation to create effective and efficient solutions. He uses Cypress and JavaScript in his work.
Software Quality Assurance Engineer
Software Quality Assurance Engineer with many years of work experience. In his daily work he uses his skills from Cypress, Oracle.
Test Automotion Engineer
QA Automation Engineer with years of experience in web application testing. He is skilled in PHP, Selenium, CSS, SQL.

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