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19 November 2019


Justyna Pawliczak

We invite you to read an inspirational interview with Wiola Świrska, Edyta Barnaś, Monika Targońska, Aniela Kącka and Agnieszka... czytaj więcej

5 November 2019


Marcin Szewczyk

Well, playing video games might not be the most productive thing to do in your life Unless you are a professional gamer winning... czytaj więcej

8 October 2019


Justyna Pawliczak

The success of a project depends on the sum of team members’ technical skills and experiences, but also on the ability to communicate,... czytaj więcej

5 October 2019


Tomasz Pytlak

The term RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation which implicitly relates to business processes The approach assumes the use of a... czytaj więcej

18 July 2018


Filip Sadowski

Have you ever wondered how to refuse in a professional way without offending the client, at the same time keeping the project’s... czytaj więcej

18 March 2018


Justyna Pawliczak

A young generation of employees is characterized by increasing expectations, of which the primary ones are no longer a high salary and... czytaj więcej