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31 August 2021


Aleksandra Wiśniewska

Java developer creates web, mobile and desktop applications They debug, test, and compile launching services to meet customer expectations... read more

28 July 2021


Piotr Gumkowski

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Project Manager is an essential element of every team in the IT environment They are responsible for contact with clients, they take care... read more

17 February 2021


Marta Wierzbicka

Since 2018, we have been part of the Euvic Technology Group The last two years of shared projects and initiatives have shown that operating... read more

2 December 2020


Małgorzata Chmielewska

The situation caused by Covid-19 exposed the weaknesses of Polish education and showed how important for its efficient functioning the... read more

12 November 2020


Justyna Pawliczak

The work of the Talent Acquisition team is particularly important in relation to the company's development strategy At Edge One Solutions... read more

23 September 2020


Maja Marchewka

Despite a number of benefits from employment in an outsourcing company, some doubts are still arising on IT professionals' side Their... read more

17 September 2020


Paulina Barańska

Why is it worth cooperating with or work for IT outsourcing companies IT specialists - both programmers and administrators, project... read more

1 September 2020


Marta Wierzbicka

An investment in planning and good organization of work on the project will surely quickly pay off So if you are planning IT outsourcing,... read more

27 August 2020


Maja Marchewka

Building your own internal IT structures is a solution which, although tempting, generates high costs Getting the right IT specialists is... read more