ESG - Edge1S

Our ESG Activities

We are helpful
- charity actions and events

We take regular part in the Szlachetna Paczka charity initiative, aiming to involve our employees in helping those in need and raising awareness of the importance of doing good.

We get involved in initiatives that both support charitable causes and promote the regular practice of sports. Among other things, you can meet us at the IT Football Championships (In 2022, our team came unrivaled!).

We also make an appearance at running events such as Wings for Life and Poland Business Run.

We support local animal shelters by organizing collections of, among other things, food and funds to help animals in need. We have a lot of pet enthusiasts in our team, so the response is guaranteed.

We care
about the environment

When choosing locations for new offices, we pay attention to whether they have sustainable building certifications. Our headquarters is located in a building which has been awarded LEED CS (user- and environmentally friendly) certification. Among other things, it boasts systems for saving drinking water and energy. The building is filled with greenery, and the roof hosts a beehive.

We insist on the presence of greenery in our offices. We segregate waste as recommended by the building administration and strive to reduce water and electricity consumption. We also have dedicated containers where we collect bottle caps, used batteries or toner cartridges.

We encourage employees to commute to work by environmentally friendly means of transportation – primarily by bicycle. Each office has a well developed bicycle infrastructure. We regularly remind employees about the benefits of cycling, for example, by celebrating International Bike to Work Day.

Business travel of our employees is carried out primarily by Polish National Railways (PKP).

We reduce the use of paper in our offices. Wherever possible, we use electronic documentation circulation, e.g. when signing contracts with Clients and issuing electronic invoices, and we ask our suppliers to do the same. Similarly, we use electronic documentation for internal documents, e.g. records of receipt of company equipment.

We invest
in the development of our employees

We focus on the development of our employees’ competencies, which is why we have created our own proprietary development program (PDP – People Development Programme), under which every employee is allocated an individual budget to improve competencies in a particular area.

We also regularly organize soft skills trainings such as Time Management, Communication, etc. We have launched projects that enable our employees to share knowledge – micro trainings and Edge1TalkS. Our company’s specialists prepare materials on a selected subject, and subsequently present them in the form of a webinar or a stationary meeting. Each of our employees is provided with regular English classes with a professional tutor. We also keep company libraries in our offices with both technical and general development books.

Additionally, we subscribe to industry periodicals for our employees.

We support
well-being and work-life balance

We promote a healthy lifestyle among our employees, particularly exercising regularly. We organize collective bicycle trips, and we have permanent sports groups uniting fans of volleyball, soccer and squash. We also equipped our
Lublin office with professional table tennis gear. In addition, we co-finance sports membership cards for employees.

We advocate preventive health care. Events that have become a fixed part of our calendar include
Pink Ribbon Day and Movember. We also celebrate Health Day during which employees can
enjoy consultation with a nutritionist or physiotherapist, among others.

We provide access to private medical care. The package dedicated to employees includes consultations with a wide range of specialists and the opportunity to conduct all basic examinations.

Out of concern for our employees’ mental well-being, we provide them with free access to psychological counselling. They can enjoy unlimited and
fully anonymous access thanks to the HearMe platform.

We are aware of the burdens associated with the nature of work in the IT industry, as well as of remote work. We do care about the well-being of our employees and educate them on topics such as job burnout, bullying, relaxation techniques, etc. In addition, we organize active breaks from work.

Business ethics

We comply with laws and regulations and do not take any action that would constitute a violation of those laws, or would violate antitrust and competition rules.
We take compliance with confidentiality agreements
very seriously. We cooperate only with legally operating companies. We uphold the highest standards in customer service and continuously monitor the level of customer satisfaction with cooperation with us by emphasizing open
communication. Partnership is key for us, we are committed to mutual trust, which we build, among other things, through transparent and clearly-defined
contracts. We treat our Clients with respect and deliver on our word.

In our activities, both internally and externally, we are guided by the established company values. They are the foundation of our organization’s functioning and a
point of reference. They have been identified and defined jointly with employees and they guide us in our daily work.
We have an anti-mobbing policy in place. We conduct regular trainings regarding this subject and counteract any manifestation of behavior that is not in accordance with accepted norms.
We oppose any form of discrimination and advocate a policy of diversity. Although the IT industry is heavily male-dominated, at Edge1S the Leadership is predominantly female (60%).

Reporting suspected wrongdoing

Suspected misconduct can be reported through the following channels available to our Suppliers and Business Partners:

1. in person – are received by managers, and the HR department and the Board of Directors

2.electronic – to the following email address:

3. by post – to the address of the company’s registered office: Al. Jerozolimskie 132, 02-305 Warsaw, with the note ‘To the HR department’

4. by telephone at +48 605 158 222