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Edge1S part of the Integrator 2.0 Strategy

Marta Wierzbicka

Marketing Specialist in Euvic

Since 2018, we have been part of the Euvic Technology Group. The last two years of shared projects and initiatives have shown that operating in a group creates many new opportunities. Adapting our activities to the needs of the changing business and technological market, we are implementing the Integrator 2.0 strategy together. All this to comprehensively support the development of the complex and challenging business world through the use of modern technologies.

Integrator 2.0 as a business model based on 360° services

Best business practices and willingness to share experience and knowledge have always been a part of the culture of both Edge One Solutions and Euvic. Being part of a group allows us to adapt to the trends that are gaining momentum in the market. We are talking about industry and solution specialization as well as comprehensiveness of services. Having extensive knowledge of the IT market and the needs of our clients, and being aware of the areas in which we have the greatest competence, we have adopted the direction of development, as a result of which we have become Integrator 2.0.

What does it mean for our clients?

  • A diverse portfolio of IT services – we are a business partner that comprehensively supports every stage of IT projects. We accompany our clients through the whole process of digital transformation.
  • A broad range of skills – we guarantee access to the best programmers qualified in many technologies and areas, including .Net, Java, mobile application development, cloud solutions or application integration.
  • Innovations – we do not like following well-worn paths. We go beyond the established patterns, creating innovative solutions that guarantee a competitive advantage.
  • Agility – full flexibility, focus on the customer’s needs and adapting dynamically to them allow us to achieve our goals quickly.
  • Smart cost management – We use best practices for efficient planning and control of costs, resources, and risks in projects. All this to provide our clients with the best, cost-effective solutions.

As Integrator 2.0 we base our activity on 5 business pillars:

Body/Team leasing – the basis of body leasing is to hire specific, individual specialists for a specific period and include them in the client’s internal team. In the case of team leasing, the client hires a whole team of IT specialists with specific, carefully selected, and verified competencies built exactly according to the project requirements. Both cooperation models provide a great solution for those companies that need task-oriented support and short-term, profitable solutions.

We guarantee access to the knowledge and skills of individual IT specialists or entire project teams – depending on the individual needs of companies. As part of the cooperation, we can offer:

  • supplying IT teams with the expertise of individual specialists,
  • building complete project teams with appropriate competencies,
  • project delivery at the customer’s premises or remotely,
  • competence centers.

This pillar is the most important for us, because Edge1S is an integral part of it and it is our Specialists who work on our clients’ projects in both Body Leasing and Team Leasing models.

Software development – a sequence of interconnected processes aimed at creating software tailored to the individual needs of each company. Software development is the answer to various business-related challenges. It is the right solution for every company that knows its goals and wants to grow.

We can provide you with cost-effective services throughout the entire software development lifecycle, including custom software development and implementation services:

  • business analysis,
  • UX/UI/Architecture/Design,
  • development, implementations, integrations,
  • testing,
  • project / Scrum Management.

IT infrastructure – a comprehensive range of hardware, software, and organizational solutions constituting the basis for the implementation and operation of advanced IT systems supporting company management. It consists of servers, computers, computing power, licenses, administrative services, and technical support. High-quality IT infrastructure is a solution for those who do not like compromises and want to get the best solutions at the best prices.

We provide effective management of all necessary IT operational elements, including strategy, processes, equipment, data, and human resources. We offer:

  • monitoring and administration,
  • analysis and design of solutions,
  • network security audits,
  • equipment rental,
  • license sale,
  • server support, service, helpdesk.

Innovations – following new technologies, and unconventional business initiatives. Conducting original R&D projects. Breaking further barriers between technology and business. That is an area that will interest companies thinking unconventionally, always wanting to be a few steps ahead of their competitors. We provide technical and business support for innovative IT projects and active involvement in their development, including:

  • acceleration program for innovation,
  • mentoring program for startups,
  • support in developing innovative technological projects of our customers,
  • support in the commercialization of startups,
  • assistance in raising funds.

Digital – modern digital marketing 360° from strategy, creation, media planning and buying, to analytics and innovative technological tools (MarTech) that allow clients to increase web traffic. This pillar is the newest pillar of our business and is currently going through a development and alignment phase.

It is through these 5 pillars that we help our customers every day to understand the criticality of their IT processes and improve their efficiency. We act in an agile manner, offering ongoing support (24/7/365) and responding dynamically to any challenges they might encounter and new business needs.

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