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Body leasing and staff augmentation – a flexible response to new IT challenges

New technologies, products, niches, and opportunities make it even more flexible than before for companies to approach the delivery of services to their customers. Fortunately, they can take advantage of IT outsourcing models tailored to their needs, such as body leasing and staff augmentation. 

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body leasing and staff augmentation

Saying that the world of new technologies is accelerating is like saying nothing at all. Just a few months ago, we didn’t expect that large language models would storm into browsers, creating their ecosystem with hundreds of integrations. We didn‘t generate images with short prompts and didn‘t use co-pilots in our daily work. Solutions provided by IT must adapt to changing habits of users. A great example of large-scale strategy change was, for example, the recent move away from the metaverse ecosystem with hundreds of integrations. Meta and Microsoft reduced their investments in this direction, dismissing a large part of their staff. 

Technology is accelerating. What does this mean for companies? 

Briefly: flexibility and the need to respond more quickly to changing trends.  

As always – easy to say, but harder to execute. After all, it’s quite a challenge to get a good machine learning expert, while for IT it may be the first recruitment in the direction of artificial intelligence. According to a survey by the Polish Economic Institute, as many as 42 percent of specialist vacancies are difficult to fill. In addition, 64 percent of companies surveyed hired fewer IT experts than they had planned, and one in five companies had to reject a project due to a lack of specialists. 

The solution to these problems is to take advantage of outsourcing models tailored to the new realities. Body leasing and staff augmentation are the names of the same service in which clients can hire a specialist from another company for a specific period, such as to deliver a product or complete a project. The client then does not incur several costs:  

  • time-consuming recruitment process,  
  • hiring a qualified employee,  
  • signing an employment contract and benefits. 

In the body leasing model, the customer gets the needed skills right away

This is the best option when an IT team receives a task in a new area and needs to start working quickly or when a project is at a standstill due to lack of expertise. An outsourced specialist increases processing capacity when there is no time for recruitment and brings a fresh perspective on the matter. 

There is no need to worry about the challenges of integrating into an existing programming team because the client can choose from several candidates. This significantly saves time in the process. In fact, the entire process of allocating an IT specialist takes just three weeks, which is much shorter than if the company were to recruit, verify profiles, and negotiate rates on its own. 

Edge1S uses a group of nearly 6,000 IT professionals experienced in handling 40 leading technologies

Choosing from such a group, you can be sure that you will come across a real diamond that will allow you to shift into fifth gear on the project. This is brilliantly illustrated by customer satisfaction statistics. Indeed, as many as 97 percent are satisfied with Edge1S service!  

The staff augmentation model also brings a number of benefits to the employee – especially one who values an expert environment and project continuity. While it is the client who manages time and tasks during project duration, the employer takes it upon himself to find new and interesting challenges. This is therefore much more convenient than if the specialist had to look for assignments and sign contracts himself. An employee can expect to spend an average of 18 months on a project, after which Edge1S will offer him something even more developing.  

After all, it is in the employer’s interest that experts follow the latest trends and achieve ambitious goals. That’s why Edge1S builds an expert environment, supporting career development. How specifically? The company subsidizes certifications and participation in conferences, as well as training in hard and soft skills. That is why it supports employees’ passions and initiatives and takes care of health – both physical and mental.  

Staff augmentation is profitable for each party

It helps in achieving business goals faster and minimizing risk. It will work both in the context of large, long-term programs, as well as smaller projects that lack specific skills. It allows for quick and reasonable scaling of resources and also brings savings when the partner takes over the entire administration. Body leasing will be perfect in the IT world full of challenges, where you constantly have to adapt to changing conditions.

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