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Edge1Team will plan, build or develop your system using Angular technology.

An open-source scripting language particularly suitable for building websites, applications and scripts. It is a back-end language, developed from the server side, so it is invisible to users.

Why should you create IT projects in Angular?

One of the most popular tools of the rich JavaScript ecosystem, used to build mobile and desktop web applications, created by Google.
The technology works with applications of any size and supports them as they develop.
Access to component libraries
You gain access to component libraries, used by thousands of applications at Google, maintained by the Angular team.
Extensive command line interface
Helps perform common application development tasks.
Thanks to the consistency in the structure of the code once learned functions and components you can use when writing more.

Meet our Angular Developers

Full Stack Developer
Full Stack Developer with 4 years of programming experience. Technologies in which he is an expert: Angular, MySQL, Java.
.NET Developer
.Net Developer with 10 years of programming experience creating technology solutions based on .NET, Angular and C#.

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