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Job description and technologies

  • Data
  • ETL 

As a Database Developer at Edge1S, you can work on projects for leaders from many industries such as E-commerce, Banking, Technology, IT, Healthcare, Insurance. 

You design and program database systems on a daily basis, but you can also work with ETL tools, data warehouses, or cloud solutions. 

You will be responsible for the application development. 

We run projects in an Agile way. Besides work, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge on Edge1Talks or conduct recruitment interviews.   

Besides work, there are also many opportunities to integrate with your team – Friday Beers or Thursday Breakfasts, project integration parties. We are not a Corp; therefore, every employee’s voice is important for us. 


Those who join our company usually have at least 2 years of commercial experience in working with databases.


  • Knowledge of one of the relational databases 
  • Knowledge of ETL tools 
  • Knowledge of the Data Warehouse 
  • Experience with CI & CD (TeamCity, Maven, GIT) 

Interesting facts

SQL Server was the first database solution offered as a boxed database product and a relational database provided as a service. SQL Server, offered as a product, has been available for purchase since 1989 .


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