What we do - Edge1s

Partner with us on your technology needs

Upgrade your tech capabilities quickly and cost-effectively by adding engineers, developers or data scientists to your projects.

Leverage proficient talent and teams for skills that are unique, advanced and hard to fill in your market.

Partner with us on your immediate needs but continue to adapt and adjust, as needs scale up or down.

Stay ahead of your competition by filling resourcing gaps and achieving faster go-to-market with your technology projects.

Fill your tech needs in a cost-effective and beneficial way, rather than competing for talent with other leading companies.

This Is What We Are Truly Good At

Finding, hiring and managing the right talent based on our clients’ needs. From developers to data scientists to project managers, we provide only the best fit for your team’s extension.

Delivering software and technology solutions to solve your business challenges. Complete end-to-end servicing from initial architecture, through development, testing, deployment and maintenance.

Providing the right environment for highly flexible teams. Collaboration & learning are key components of our culture and help to keep us innovative, as well as effectively servicing our clients.

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Benefits of partnering with us

We save your time

You can manage your business while we manage the technology that supports your business

We provide high quality solutions at a competitive cost structure

We provide access to a wide pool of experienced technology talents and skills, which reduce your recruitment and management effort and costs

We secure your business stability with a service guarantee

We know how to convert technology fixed costs to variable cost. Use it when you need it, pay when you use it

We share our expertise

Technology is our life. We know best practices, industry standards and how to design cutting edge / innovative solutions

If you are looking for technology experts or a project team, we’ll help.
Let’s talk.