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  • HR
  • Rekrutacja
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Administracja
  • Marketing
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  • Employer Branding

The Back Office is known as People in Edge1S. We represent finance, HR, administration, and marketing departments. 

If you join our company, you will be responsible for its daily functioning and its stable growth. 

Our back-office teams are in all our offices, you can also work hybrid or remotely. 

There are also many opportunities to integrate with your team – Friday Beers and Thursday Breakfasts, project integration parties. We are not a Corp; therefore, every employee’s voice is important for us.  





Interesting facts

Our back office consists of departments such as Talent Acquisition, Sales, HR, Marketing, Administration and Human Resources. Want to be part of the #Edge1team? Find your role.


Over 60% of our back office teams are managed by women. We care about gender equality and support women in their professional development.

Who asks, never wanders.

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