.NET - Edge1s

Job description and technologies

  • .NET Core
  • C#
  • Entity Framework

As a .NET Developer in our company, you can work on projects from many industries.  

You will program in C # on the .NET platform on daily basis. 

In projects, you will find microservice architecture and technologies such as Kubernetes, Kafka, Docker. 

You will be responsible for the application development. 

We run projects in an Agile way. Besides work, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge on Edge1Stalks or conduct recruitment interviews.   

There are also many opportunities to integrate with your team – Fridays Beers or Thursday breakfasts, project integration parties. We are not a Corp; therefore, every employee’s voice is important for us.


  • Commercial experience with .NET platform
  • Programming experience in C#
  • Knowledge of microservice architecture, asynchronous communication (Kafka, RabbitMQ)
  • Ability to write unit tests and knowledge of testing tools


Interesting facts

Anders Hejlsperg is the creator of the COOL language, which gave rise to the currently used C# language. C# was originally to be called Cesium.


Currently, we have 10 .Net Specialists in our team.

Asking does not lead to wandering.

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