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The whole truth about being part of an outsourcing company.

Maja Marchewka

Despite a number of benefits from employment in an outsourcing company, some doubts are still arising on IT professionals’ side. The most common concerns relate to the type of projects, end customer’s attitude towards consultants, continuity of employment or non-wage benefits. Their occurrence is natural, regardless of the industry, position or type of work performed and concerns not only outsourcing. However, let’s try to dispel doubts related to IT outsourcing.

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For many people working in outsourcing is associated only with the maintenance of existing solutions, working in old technologies and in not very interesting projects, for customers where “interesting” projects are reserved for full-time employees. However, this is not consistent with reality. Companies renting IT competences from outsourcing companies do it with the awareness of the value that comes with it. Therefore, they use these competences in the most appropriate way for their needs, with the focus on quality and development of their business.

“90% of the tasks in projects carried out by our consultants are the implementation of new or development of existing solutions. In relations with our clients we are not only service providers but also advisors. Even if there is a situation when a project might not be exceptionally modern from a technological point of view, we always look for opportunities to introduce innovations therein. When engaging in a project, we always try to build added value for the client and our employees. – says Mariusz Zawolik, Vice-President and Sales Director of Edge One Solutions. “We are currently implementing projects in various technologies. Our portfolio includes projects using Java, WebServices, MicroServices, JEE, Angular JS, React JS, HTML, CSS, Selenium SoapUI and many others. Each new project opens up new possibilities for us”.


Contractors often wonder whether, as employees of an outside company, they will be treated as “strangers” in the new environment and as support rather than an equal team member with all the ramifications. Nothing could be more wrong. In implemented projects, what counts most is knowledge, initiative and problem-solving skills. Each company or team appreciates the employees whose contribution to the project brings it closer to achieving its business goals. Whether they are full-time or contract employee is ultimately unimportant. A lot depends on personality, openness and the ability to build positive relations – soft skills bow here. Good relations within the team and with the superior, as in any job, have a strong impact on work comfort.
The level of familiarity and identification with the employer, i.e. the outsourcing company, is also questionable. When implementing a project on the client’s site, more time is devoted to him and his employees, which may weaken the feeling of being a part of the actual employer.

As Justyna Pawliczak, HR Manager at Edge One Solution says:

‘It all depends on the employer’s own involvement in this relationship, who should not forget to create a space for meetings, exchange of knowledge, continuous communication about important events concerning the company and its employees. Contact and communication is essential, so in addition to the company’s newsletter, current information via email or social media channels, our employees are assigned to internal teams and are guaranteed the care and support of the Delivery Manager.
Contact and communication is essential, so in addition to the company’s newsletter, current information via email or social media channels, our employees are assigned to internal teams and guaranteed the care and support of the Delivery Manager.’


In every company, regardless of the industry, it is important to provide a sense of safety and stability. There might be an element of anxiety in a contractor’s work, related to downtime in between projects. That’ s why a good outsourcing company will ensure continuity of work for the IT specialist, even if currently there is no ongoing project with his contribution.

“First of all, we make sure that employees are involved in projects on a continuous basis. The completion of one project means moving on to another. We are also looking for solutions that will allow us to implement our employees’ professional development plans, e.g. related to retraining for another technology. Even if there is a break between projects, it never means a break in wages. Additionally, we use it for training or coaching. In this way we ensure continuity of work and remuneration. Thanks to such actions we do not fall into a routine, we engage people more, we make their work more interesting” – says Bogdan Derdziński, Head of Delivery Edge1S.


Usually a consultant doesn’t have access to the benefit package offered by the client, the owner of the project he works for. Does it mean that he is missing something? Definitely not. Outsourcing companies guarantee their employees many benefits and their value is usually significant, not only in terms of money. What is included in the additional benefits package?

“Each of our employees is guaranteed a package of non-wage benefits designed to ensure safety and professional development. Edge1S is a comfortable office spaces tailored to the needs of employees – whether they spend several hours or a whole day in the office. We provide private medical care for them and their family members, Multisport cards and even discounts on purchases of selected car brands. We also offer the possibility to use accounting or legal advice. Particular attention should be paid to our original, dedicated development program – People Development Programme – providing the possibility of individual choice of the development path in variants: in-depth expertise or extended competences. The program guarantees a budget for internal and external training, participation in local and international conferences, as well as the possibility of building personal brand as an expert. Everything is dedicated, personalized, according to the development plans and ambitions of individuals. Everyone, without exception, can take English lessons. But that’s not all. Our structure and organizational culture is designed to allow for an individual approach to the employee. The “closed door” policy is unknown to us. The goal of all our internal initiatives is team integration, development and well-being of employees. We are result-oriented, but we do not forget about a healthy work-life balance.” – says Justyna Pawliczak, HR Manager Edge1S.

So not as terrible as they paint it, because as it turns out outsourcing is a number of advantages, opportunities and chances for everyone involved in this type of cooperation. For specialists employed in this model means endless challenges – in the positive meaning – and constant development. For clients it is a strategic business tool to achieve maximum results. In both cases, choosing responsible and trustworthy partner/employer guarantees benefits that other forms of cooperation cannot provide.

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